Why Use Jorgenson Builders?

#1. Exclusive Interactive Building Process

We promise building your home with Jorgenson Builders will be an experience like you have never seen! We have specific processes including up front customer meetings to help the entire build process go smoothly. It is our goal that you enjoy the building process. Building a new project or renovation will always be stressful, but we try to take as much of that stress off as we can. Through our online project management system, you always know what is happening on your site with our regular jobsite logs, regular images, and weekly progress updates. You can get a hold of us any time through our system for 24/7 access with messages for specific items being organized under specific selections that coordinate with your budgets. We also include several key meetings during the process to address questions and concerns you may have at stages such as layout on the property, framing, electrical wiring, drywall, and a few others. You can expect us to communicate regularly with you about your project and will find that we quickly respond to your questions. Call us for details!

#2. Selections Coordination

We have an in house selections coordinator that will help you through the difficult task of making all the choices to make the project happen successfully. Whether you have a separate designer our not, our selections coordinator is there to help you navigate the selections process and make the process run as smoothly as possible.

#3. Pre-Construction Services

We work with you in a pre-construction agreement and can save you substantial costs and have better results of the project. We work with you from the initial lot selection, through the design process, and to complete budgets and permit applications. This takes a lot of the stress off in the planning process and creates a project team early on that sets up the project for success.

#4. Experience

We’ve been in business for over ten years, and as a 3rd generation building company, we bring a lot of experience to the project. This includes a lot of years doing a variety of the trades also so we can manage them much better having done the work many times before. Also, the owner has a degree in Construction Management as well as Business Management. We are also part of a NAHB Builder group where we receive continuous education and meet with other builders across the country to continue learning and growing in our business.

#5. Scheduling

We schedule your project out well before we even begin the project so we have a very good idea of when things will happen along the way. Planning is a key part of a successful project and we don’t just run “by the seat of our pants” and instead plan the project well. We even offer guaranteed schedules when necessary for critical opening dates on projects.

#6. National Buying Power

We are part of a national group of custom builders that have buying power that allows us to buy like a big public national builder. This means you get savings in cost or upgraded items at a much lower costs on many national and local brands. We’re able to offer you things like tankless water heaters, plumbing fixtures, generators, and many other items at a lower cost.

#7. Warranty

We realize your home will be one of the largest investments you make in your life. We back up our quality in writing! Most builders are afraid of warranty or don’t know what to do after your home or custom renovation is completed. With the use of our systems, you are able to enter warranty requests at any time and we receive them promptly. We are able to verify them and respond quickly and are able to resolve them. We review any warranty open items on a weekly basis in our project team meetings and try to get to them as quickly as reasonable. We also offer a 10 year structural warranty as a part of the cost of work when this is wanted.

#8. JB Trades

We have a separate company that operates as JB Trade Services that does in house work. This is a variety of work including framing, siding, trim carpentry, welding, light excavation, and many other tasks. This means that when we need somebody for that quick last minute repair or change, we can often accommodate that. JB Trades supports Jorgenson Builders to help projects be successful.

#9. Our Customers Love Working With Us

We have long term customers that become not only our customers, but also our friends. Not only do we keep track of them, they want to keep track of us!