Our Process

At Jorgenson builders, we are truly a “Custom Builder.” Each and every project we build is unique and different from all other projects. We build projects without limitation on style or design. We have several different methods of managing these projects and will let you “spend your money however you want to spend your money” by spending it on the things that you value. We don’t give you “upgrade packages” like other builders but rather work with you on each individual line item in your budget to build what you truly want.

Our typical process includes the following steps:

#1. Initial Customer Meeting

We meet to discuss the overall goals for the project and to introduce each other to the project. This is typically done at our office location and typically takes about 90 minutes. We ask that all major decision makers be in this meeting.

#2. Pre-Construction Agreement

At Jorgenson Builders we start with a Pre-Construction agreement. This agreement is between us and the customer. We help our customer develop the plans and engineering on those plans for a full permit ready set of plans. We do not draw the plans “in house” but we will help develop them by working very closely with the selected architect and engineer. This will help avoid costly mistakes later on in the project. At this point we also work on feasibility budgets to make sure as the project is designed it will meet the required budget parameters. The Pre-Construction agreement is generally done on a time and materials basis and we refund up to ½ of these costs towards the project when the project begins construction. We will also help submit to architectural committees and can submit for building permits at this point.

#3. Specifications, Selections, Selection Schedule, & Project Schedule Compilation

After working through the preliminary budgets, we work with our customers to develop a complete list of specifications, selections with deadlines, and a complete project schedule for the project. We have an in house selections coordinator that will help you through the difficult task of making all the choices to make the project happen successfully. Whether you have a separate designer our not, our selections coordinator is there to help you navigate the selections process and make the process run as smoothly as possible.  This is all completed through our online Customer Login System. This will be the system we use for the duration of the project to communicate and to keep track of the budget and selection choices that are made.

#4. Lending, Financing & Permits

We also work with our customers to suggest lenders that we often use. While waiting for any financing, we finalize the building permit submittals and any required architectural review final approvals.

#5. Construction of Project

This is the fun part for most of us! This is where we get the final construction contracts executed and see the project come to life! During this process we will continue to work with our customers using our online system and in person to create the project that was defined previously and to make adjustments as needed.

#6. Warranty and Home Asset Management

During this step we will help you learn how to care for your new project and will help maintain your project if you like. We offer long term help in caring for your property to keep it looking nice over time.

Project Management

For each of our projects, we have three different methods of managing the project.

1The first method of managing these projects is what we call our design/build process. This process is used whenever the project details are not fully clear at the beginning of a project but allows the project to develop over the time of building the project. We start with realistic budgets for the project and then design the details as we go. This allows for great flexibility in design details as well as greater time to make final selections on all of the finishes. In this method, all costs are completely open book between Jorgenson Builders and our customer and budgets are adjusted as design features are changed. We are known by many of our past customers for being very accurate on these starting budgets while allowing you to select such items as tile, light fixtures, countertops, cabinets, and many other items after the project has already started. This is what is typically called a cost plus agreement. All risks are shared between us and you as the customer but along with that comes increased savings passed directly to you as the customer whenever we find better prices or have negotiated better prices with our trade partners and suppliers.

2The second method of managing projects is a typical general contracting process. In this process, our customer may bring us a set of plans that have already been developed as well as a list of specifications and we simply bid these plans and specifications. (Or we may work with you on our pre-construction services to help develop these plans and specifications.) This is a closed book bid where all numbers are unknown to you as a customer. In this scenario, typical change order processes are used. If plans and specifications are missing items, this may result in costly change orders to finish your project. This is typically called a fixed price agreement.

3The third method is what we call our project management process. At Jorgenson Builders you will be working closely with our Selections Coordinator to help you in making the decisions for the design of your home. Whether you have an outside designer or not, our Selections Coordinator will help you make timely selections and help to organize all of this information.